Interview with Mr. Cuneyt Gurelli

Would you please tell us the brief history of Can Logistic?
Can Logistic started forwarding activities with being the only and first one on its sector as groupage&consolidation service, both on export and import sea freight container transport, also project cargo transportation. Freight forwarders were not started to interest in Project transportation yet, so it gave a great motivation to Can Logistic. Their first big succeses were transportation of Ak Enerji-Bozüyük, EnerjiSA-İzmit and Esenyurt-Istanbul Gas Power plants. While these bigger Projects our team had a change to learn the hints of project transportation from the first hands. In Turkey there were no equipments for installation process especially for power plants equipments such as generators, tubines, boilers etc. that was designed to required service. So we were importing all of the installation equipments (lifting, jacking & skidding) and systems as temporarly from overseas countries on rental basis. And then Can Logistic started to propose the service at project transportation market both on carrying and installing. We don not limit our transportation project within Turkey, we also give the service to Azerbaijan, Armenia, North Iraq, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia.

What kind of services does Can Logistic give to its customer?
We can name the service we give on project transportation the important part of logistics chain. We talk about the management of investment properties which will be carried to Turkey or another countries (first power plants) by using the all transport models as sea transport, rail transport, road transport, air freight, etc. Also we talk about a long process like vessel charting, pre-on carriage port handling service, documentation as per letter of credit, custom clearance, consolidation, on time information flow with third parties and subcontractors, offloading at jobsite, storage area, installation etc. Of course the beginning of this process contain of making stronge scenario of transporting, dealing with risk management of scenario, serving the proposal to customer with price and feasibility report which has prepared at the conclusion. I think that process is the most important one. Starting to transport without dealing with customer on shipping terms, transport route, harbour, jobsite (free access, compacted ground level etc.) study, financial and invoicing system, full job description, method of transport is a very brave thing that you can loose money. Besides project transport activities, we give service by being full, LCL container on import an export to/from trade centers by the help of our wide agency network, of course at the first plan in Israel market.

What kind of goods are carried by Can Logistic as Project cargos? Would you name some of the customers that Can Logistic serves?
Power plant investment properties, gas, diesel engines, turbines, generators and transformers and the accessories are the ones that we carry out as main investment machinery of customers. On the other hand, treatment plant epuipments, second hand cranes, container top stackers, airport passanger tunnels, CNC equipments, boilers, waste treatment plant, mobile and crawler construction on machinery are the ones we carry which are in the class of project cargo. Textile, are the ones in import and export we carry by container and airway. Especially in export we interest in everything. Again we use RoRo Mafi applications in oversize cargo but nearly heavy things.

Which was the most unique, most heaviest cargo that was carried by Can Logistic?
At the year of 2000, we carried 3 diesel enginees whichs weight 287 tons ( per enginee ) to Manisa Integrated Industrial Area. (It was the first transport in Turkey considering of unique weight). While this transportation we've constructed 4 bypass roads to pass across the 60 km of the area between Aliaga Port and Integrated Industrial Area. We had to move up passenger bridge about 1200 mm which is the end of Menemen. Besides its weight, the height of engine was nearly 7200 mm together with hydraulic platform from ground level. Again the same weight an size of 6 enginees were carried from Finland to Cyprus Teknecik Power Plant via Famagusta Port. In 90 km distance we need to move many wires, cables and lift up over head tables from port to power plant.
We carried the same engines from Baku Port to Sangachalli Power Plant by the transport&installation equipments which are mobilized from Turkey. The total numbers of motors are 18 and they were sent at 3 shipments from Finland to Baku. At these 3 projects, the enginees delivery with 75 tons generator was done in power hall of plant which has been installed and done final leveling & alignment. This was in the job description. For that process lifting systems which has total weight of 600 tons were used.
The carrying of total 15 enginees whichs each weight 135 tons from Finland to Nakhcevan via Samsun Port, beside of 250 containers&approximately 8000 cubic meter general cargo transported from both from Mersin and Hopa Ports and the delivered at jobsite in short time. That was Can Logistic's important Project transport due to the volume (2006). With different delivery from Finland to Nakhcevan via Turkish Ports which took 7 months, shows the importance of carrying. The most important point is to do activities in Project transport field give chance you to see a lot of places in within the country and abroad. A person like me - who loves to travel very much- can call lucky person by combining work and hobby together.

What investments has been done by Can Logistic?
As being a forwarder we invest on human beings. We have to do our roles responsibles. If we buy transport equipments, start to warehouse operation, invest on machine and equipments, start to warehouse operation, invest on machine end equipments by buying crane or lift systems, hydraulic platforms, we need to change our role and face off the other side of markets. This kind of role changes does not include in our programmes. At first side, to own equipments can seem and advantage for us. But as being a freight forwarder I don't agree with the idea of financial investment is our responsibility. As a result, Can Logistic only and only invest on human beings. We work for increasing the belonging feelings of our employee. Sometimes we can't success but to have workers about over 16 years shows and I care about it.

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