Dear Valued Agents,

We would like to inform you of a new regulation at Turkish customs regarding "Turkish Advanced manifest/Entry summary declarations". This rule will be effective as from 1st January 2012 and will be applied for all shipments from any country to/via Turkey. Except the cargo passing transmit without any stop through territorial waters or airspace of Turkish Customs Territory, entry summary declaration should be lodged for all goods brought into Turkish Customs Territory. The rule requires all ocean carriers & freight forwarders to submit complete and accurate cargo information to Turkey Customs for vessels calling at Turkey ports. Deadlines for lodging summary declarations determined according to the means of transport are as follows:

(1) For maritime transportation:
- Long Distance: At least twenty four (24) hours before loading the goods to vessel in the port of departure for far ports (Far Sea / Deep Sea) for goods carried in containers,
- Short Distance: For goods carried between foreign country ports of Black Sea and Mediterranean and ports of Turkish Customs Territory, at least two (2) hours before first arrival port.
- For bulk and packed goods loaded in far ports, at least four hours before arrival to first port of entry in Turkish Customs Territory,

(2) For airway transportation:
- For short distance (less than 4 hours) flights not later than take off moment of the aircraft,
- For long distance (longer than 4 hours) at least four hours before put down on of the aircraft to first airport within Turkish Customs Territory.

(3) For railroad transportation, at least two hours before arrival to entry customs office,

(4) For road transport, at least one hour before arrival to entry customs office, if this is not possible, within one hour following the arrival of vehicle to entry customs office.

We will lodge the entry summary declarations at Turkish customs before these deadlines. In order to avoid possible cargo holds and penalties, please provide us complete and accurate.

To comply with this regulation, we request our agents to provide complete and accurate shipping instructions a minimum of 72 hours before start of operations at load port.

To enable the entry summary declarations, the following information is required in your shipping instructions:

- Full name and address of shipper and consignee
- Full name and address of notify party where goods are carried under a negotiable "to order" B/L
- Container number
- Seal number
- Goods description (general terms for example "consolidated cargo" or "general cargo" cannot be accepted)
- Minimally first six digits of the HS code.
- Number of packages
- Cargo gross weight
- UN dangerous goods code where applicable
- Tax number of consignee or notify party

Summary declaration lodging will be mandatory for shipments to be made after the midnight of 31st December 2011.

In case of non-compliance, the consequences include disruption and delays of cargo flows and supply chains, monetary fines and possible other penalties imposed on carriers and other parties responsible for the submission of cargo declaration.

The following hyperlink is the official announcement issued by Turkish Customs (only available in Turkish):

The guideline of this new rule "Turkish Advanced manifest/Entry summary declarations" is attached as a translated copy. We will continue to update customers / agents if there are any further developments on this customs initiative. Should you have any inquiries relating to this regulation, please feel free to contact us.

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